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Assessment of concussion

Assessment of concussion

Diagnosing concussion can be difficult - but is critical to correctly managing and preventing further injury.

Diagnosis relies on the clinical assessment of symptoms and signs. There is no specific diagnostic test which confirms the presence or otherwise of concussion.

For Adults: Health care practitioners can use the Concussion in Sport Group Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 6 (SCAT6) as part of an overall clinical assessment to assess potential concussions.

For Children: The Child Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (Child-SCAT6) can be used to assess concussion in children aged 5 – 12 years.

People without medical training can use the Concussion Recognition Tool 6, also developed by the Concussion in Sport Group.

For the management of concussion for 3-days or longer post-concussion incident, The Sport Concussion Office Assessment Tool 6 (SCOAT6) ( can be used.

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